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At Acupuncture Therapeutics of Stanislaus County (ATOSC), we understand that there are many other acupuncturists and other natural healthcare practitioners you can choose from that can serve your needs. We sincerely appreciate you giving us a chance to demonstrate what our office can provide for you. We are a firm believer that everyone will need different types of help from different types of people at various points in their life. As you search for help at this point in your life, here are some benefits and features you should know about receiving treatment with us:

Over 90% Referral Rate

  • More than ninety percent of our patients are referred to our office by other patients and healthcare providers we have known for many years. They are either in treatment or have completed their treatment with us, or we have treated their patients, friends or members of their families. They value the benefits of our excellent care and know that others they refer will always be treated exceptionally well.

Wealth of Experience

  • We have decades of experience providing acupuncture services and educating people on the use of nutrition, herbal medicine, meditation, yoga, and other traditional naturopathic practices, helping thousands of people live healthier and happier lives.

Getting to the Root- Prevention is the Cure

  • We specialize in the prevention and treatment of poor health conditions that often precede full blown states of disease. We aim to identify and treat the underlying cause at the root of poor health and suffering, instead of merely suppressing signs and symptoms.

Leading By Example

  • We are committed to being naturally healthy, promoting wellness, and expanding consciousness in our own lives. We walk the talk and lead by example, receiving regularly scheduled acupuncture treatments and following many of the same nutritional and lifestyle guidelines provided to our patients.

Advanced Degrees & Specialty Training

  • In addition to receiving his bachelor's and master's degrees, Dr Rene Rodriguez, LAc has also received his doctorate (Ph.D.) in acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and has completed additional advanced specialty training and research programs in acupuncture, meditation, nutrition, herbal medicine, and yoga.

Convenient Weekend & In-Home Appointments

  • Because feeling healthy and well doesn't happen just Monday through Friday, and sometimes people are restricted from being able to make it in to our office for treatment, we offer convenient weekend and in-home appointment times. 

Personalized Treatment Plans

  • We understand that no two people are the same, and everyone is continually changing and transforming. We tailor each visit for your own personalized needs and goals, continually update your plan of care so that you can achieve the best possible outcome.

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