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Regulate Your Energetic Field & Break Free From Old Habits With Our Signature Chakra Alignment & Balancing Acupuncture Service @ ATOSC- Modesto and Stanislaus County.

Address emotional exhaustion, disconnectedness, undesirable life circumstances, and unwanted behavioral patterning and programming with our exclusive Chakra Alignment & Balancing service at Acupuncture Therapeutics of Stanislaus County (ATOSC) in Modesto, CA. Featuring a very unique and sophisticated system of healing known as Esoteric Acupuncture, our Chakra Alignment and Balancing service is designed to center, align and strengthen the chakras and balance the flow of qi (prana) flowing through the subtle energetic bio-field to assist with energetic healing, awakening, and expanding consciousness. Supported with holistic health consulting for diet, lifestyle, herbs, and meditation, it is an ideal option for healers, bodyworkers, nurses, chiropractors, acupuncturists, or other healthcare professionals that work closely with others, or for those who meditate, practice yoga, want to ease life transitions, or seek to break free from old habits and unwanted emotional programming such as fear, anger, grief, sadness, jealousy, worry, anxiety, envy, and resentment.

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