Detox & Reboot

 Assortment of raw Chinese medicine herbs and a tray of filiform acupuncture needles.

Detox & Reboot Your Body & Mind With Acupuncture @ ATOSC - Modesto and Stanislaus County.

Restore lost energy and kickstart optimal functional health with our customizable Detox & Reboot service at Acupuncture Therapeutics of Stanislaus County (ATOSC) in Modesto, CA. Featuring gentle detoxifying acupuncture with holistic health consulting for diet, lifestyle, herbs, and meditation, our Detox & Reboot service safely promotes unblocking and eliminating the accumulation of harmful deposits of toxins, microbes, and other waste in the blood, liver, kidneys, bowels, and lungs, and reduces cravings for certain foods, alcohol, and drugs, while minimizing stress, pain, and other side effects related to detoxification and withdrawal. It is an ideal option to help restore normal organ system function that has been shut down due to prolonged stress and poor diet and lifesytyle choices, or the overuse of prescription medications, recreational drugs, and or alcohol.

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