Our Approach

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Functional Health, Integrative Medicine & Acupuncture @ ATOSC- Modesto & Stanislaus County.

At Acupuncture Therapeutics of Stanislaus County (ATOSC) in Modesto, CA, we practice a variation of a new model of medicine, sometimes referred to as “functional” "integrative" or “systems” medicine. Our approach is to assist each person in restoring health and supporting long-lasting healing and wellness by expanding consciousness and stimulating the body's own innate natural healing process. Our guiding principles include:

  • Respect, empower, educate and encourage people to play active role in their own healing process.
  • Treat a person's needs, not the disease, with highly individualized treatments.
  • Achieve more profound and longer lasting results by focusing on the underlying cause of the problem.
  • Promote optimal functional health, improve quality of life, and support overall wellbeing.
  • Transform the framework of poor health that is cultivating the foundation for disease
  • Produce mild or no side effects.
  • Treat conditions of poor health before they can become identifiable diseases.
  • View the body as an interconnected unifying whole system that is in dynamic relationship to its environment.
  • Emphasize the importance of mental health, diet, and lifestyle.